Black Wolf City

by Deadline

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    9 Track debut album of South African Heavy Metal band Deadline. Album artwork by Donovan Sloan. Tracked and produced by Deadline and Mike Write from Gloryvale Studios. Mixed and mastered by Heinrich Koller from Burning Tone Studios. Distributed by BloodKrieg Records.

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The frail, wretched and filthy, Hiding in shadows, obscene and guilty, In darkened rooms behind closed doors, It’s time to cleanse the sores, That you have caused, When you let your bad self in, So listen up…I have come to end your sin, (Pre chorus) Buy why do you even pretend? Why do you think that we won’t care? (Chorus) Stand up! Lash out! Stand up and break the silence, It is time to break these chains, No more torture, no more pain, Stand up and break the silence! You slither around gaining their trust, Making friends, that’s not enough, My eye for eye justice will leave me blind, At least I’ll be rid of your kind, I won’t think twice, When I choose take you out, I’ll deliver judgment, And I won’t leave you in doubt, (Pre chorus) (Chorus) It could be an uncle could be a friend, It could be a teacher, It’s becoming a trend, It could be the neighbour, It could be his wife, I don’t care who it is, I’ll take their miserable life!!! (Chorus)
White Death 04:06
Icy titan rising in the east, Out in the winter war, It’s me vs. the beast, Hunting or being hunted, My orders are released, It’s me vs. the beast, For my honour, for my people, This world I’ll free from evil, (Chorus) White death strikes again, Last breath of slain men, And every time they try invade, They’ll dance to my bloody serenade, I am the one man death brigade, Suicidal escapade, White Death! I kill for the mighty Finland, Shooting Russians in a barrel, It’s me vs. the beast, No task force can bring me down, Carpet bomb flames; hit the ground, It’s me vs. the beast, Bullets fired and flying past my head, White snow turns a communist red, (Chorus) Shot down but I feel alive, I can hear the victory cries, Cause I beat the beast, I endured the Bolshevik disease, I survived the super freeze! (Chorus)
Welcome to my dying tome, Welcome to my sordid home, I take a life just to forget, All my deepest, darkest regrets, Inconsequence, my favourite taste, The more things change, the more stay the same, Prophetic shelf life engineer, Another day, another year, But do you hear me screaming now? It’s all the same, Do you hear me? Calling out your name? Locked and loaded now, built to kill, Do you hear me? Do you hear me? (Chorus) Why damn me? Solid chrome I was made this way, Why damn me? Your scapegoat of reverie, Why damn me? Whipping boy of destiny, Why damn me? Ungodly thrills that never last, The guilt consumes me all too fast, I get locked away in a safe, Just to keep my temper at bay, Forgotten hopes and broken dreams, Part of existence or so it seems. I was created to spread fear, Another day, another year, But do you hear me screaming now? It’s all the same, Do you hear me? Do hear me? (Chorus) Confessions of a .45 (Chorus)
Cry foul, the night is anxious, Witching hour is drawing near, Hecate enthroned, goddess of darkness, Hellfire, intrepid fear, Obsession is nine tenths of the gore, Your shadow stalks me, I want more, Your gift of death, your gift my ruin, I submit to you my queen of lust (Chorus) In my head, in my dreams, You’re bewitching me, In my life Lilith Immortal, Your touch, it draws me in, I can’t live, I can’t die…tonight! Rubber latex and I’m on fire, Impure seduction you take me higher, You crucify me with your touch, You defile me with your bruising evil kiss of lust, (Chorus) Lilith and you have me crawling, You have me begging for your love, Sweet witch and I will do anything, I will do everything for you tonight, And I cannot run away and I cannot hide away, You entice with me black magic, This night, this night is on fire, And you take me higher with your sex, And now, and now I’m your prisoner, And I will surrender undead forever.
Bloodbeast 04:04
Midnight and I feel just right, It’s time to strike and turn on the night, Whisky bottle - Gasoline, Cowboy boots and I’m looking mean, Titty twister, I’ll twist your sister, Dynamite, I’m a detonator, I love your face, love your body, Come with me, do come quietly… (Pre chorus) Switchblade knife and my motor is running, You’ll have no clue I’m coming, (Chorus) There’s blood on your face, Blood on your tights, Blood on your breasts, Now turn out the light, There’s blood in your hair, Blood on my boots, Blood everywhere, The Bloodbeast is loose! Oooh baby you look just right, Saintly, slutty and super tight, Come and meet my pretty knife, I hope you’ve had the time of your life, Another city, another town, Another victim, another round, I want your soul; I want your blood, Lemme drag your corpse through the mud, (Pre chorus) (Chorus) She’s back in town Bloodbeast
Burn 05:36
There’s a malice in your eyes, There’s a poison in your lies, Can’t hear what you say, Doesn’t matter anyway, In the ashes you will see, Remains of society, Dark writings on the wall, Foretell mankind’s fall, Famine, war and disease, Cold feel of death’s breeze, Time to see what we’ve learnt, Before our souls are burnt! Never ending screams, Have come to haunt my dreams, Nowhere to run and hide, From our own genocide, Torn bodies fill the streets, Caused by greed and deceit, Wasted prayers are said, For the living and the dead, Horror, despair and agony, All part of destiny, Judged by the ones who weren’t? One by one our souls are burnt! Death’s shadowy embrace, Now holds me face to face, Tearing deep within my skin, Faded eyes can see, True evil within me, Broken mirror of my life, Cuts my soul with a knife, Death’s shadowy embrace, Now holds me face to face, Faded eyes can see, Real evil is me, Sorrow, scorn and regret, Time to repay my debt, To ashes I will return, As the Gods watch me burn!
You give me your promise of forever, Can I trust what you say? With that broken chip on your shoulder, You give me your play, I’ve seen it all, I’m not naïve, It’s nothing new, your heartless sleeve, Your fragile ways, your decadence, Your toxic games, your irreverence, (Chorus) You’ve crossed your bridge of life, And you’ve climbed your mountain of pride, And you love the power, But you’re a thorn in my side, Your man killing days aren’t over, That’s what you do, Running round you’re acting clean and sober, Tell me ‘What’s the use?’ You say a prayer, you close your eyes, You pout your lips, you live off lies, Your masquerade, your pantomime, Your foolish thoughts, another line, (Chorus) I gaze up the skies tearing open, And I fall to my knees, Our sunset, impure and broken, No longer will I believe!
Infest, I’m gonna hunt you down, I’ll haunt you in my Lucifer gown, I’ll taunt you, I’ll expose your fears, Reduce you to tears, Fight me all you want but I’ll, Oppress you, Don’t expect to sleep, Confine you, And I’ll make you weep, You’ll despair, I’m here to destroy, To dominate you whole, My only goal is to take your soul, Possessed, Your free will has been breached, Distressed, As you are under siege, I’ll consume every fibre, every hair, You’ll sport a blank stare, My evil knows no bounds, So beware, I will wear you out, Insomnia, Your faith completely in doubt, Paranoia, You’ll call me God, You’ll help me live, I’ll teach you contempt, you’ll learn to forgive (Chorus) You’ll pray to your make believe God, I’ll make you my pawn, your faith is so flawed, You’ll drive yourself mad, you’ll pray for defeat, You’ll kick and you’ll scream, you are my hostage, I’ll swim against your tide of holy water, I’ll tear at the pages of your gospel, Oh look, I see him there, Demon hunter extraordinaire, The time has come for me to say, Goodbye, My job here is done, Evict me and I’ll leave you alone, I can’t be killed, I’ll leave on my own, Find a new home, Release you from bondage, No longer your hostage! (Chorus)


released October 14, 2017

All music and lyrics by Deadline
Tracked by Mike Wright (Gloryvale Studios)
Mixed and mastered by Heinrich Köllner (Burning Tone Studios)
Album photography by Basil Koufos
Album artwork by Donovan Sloan


all rights reserved



Deadline Pretoria, South Africa

We are metal! We are fire! We are legacy! We are energy! We are power! We are Deadline!

Deadline formed in 2014 as a fun side hobby. With time, we realized that this was becoming bigger than we expected and our live performance was setting us apart. We have always been passionate about heavy metal and we work hard to play the music that we so dearly love.
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